Kroger Employs Technology To Maintain Social Distancing

To improve safety by encouraging physical distancing in stores during the pandemic, Kroger will begin to limit the number of customers on its sales floors to 50% of the international building code’s calculated capacity.

Kroger will begin to monitor the number of customers per square foot in stores using its QueVision technology, which already provides a count of the customers entering and exiting the company’s supermarkets and supercenters.

The new customer capacity limit bolsters other measures the retailer has established over the last few weeks to promote physical distancing, including the mounting of plexiglass partitions at checkout, the addition of educational floor decals and airing of a healthy habits message via in-store radio.

In addition, Kroger has implemented the following protective and preventive measures: encouraging associates to wear protective masks and gloves; asking associates to closely monitor their health and take their temperature at home prior to coming to work; testing one-way aisles in select markets to determine the routing’s effectiveness as a measure to further support physical distancing; waiving fees for prescription delivery via mail or courier.

To address environmental concerns despite the focus on coronavirus, Kroger continues to allow customers to use clean reusable shopping bags, provided there is not a state or local ordinance that prohibits it.

Kroger added that it is closing early on Easter Sunday, April 12, to provide associates with more time to rest and be with their families.

“Kroger’s introduction of customer capacity limits is one more way we are doing our part to flatten the curve while operating as an essential business, providing our customers with access to fresh, affordable food and products,” said Mary Ellen Adcock, Kroger’s svp/operations. “During this national pandemic, we are committed to adopting preventive measures to help protect the safety and health of our associates, customers and communities.”