Kuhn Rikon Adds To MoMA Store Kitchen Tool Lineup

The MoMA Store has added two Kuhn Rikon products, the Citrus Tool and the Auto Deluxe Safety Lid Lifter, to its cooks’ tools collection, the company said. 

“Our products look like works of art for the kitchen, so they’re totally at home in the MoMA Store, which has brought in a number of our Swiss-designed products over the years. They’re looking for form and function, plus the sales appeal of fresh, new and clever design concepts,” said Chris Robason, managing director of Kuhn Rikon USA.

The Kuhn Rikon Citrus Tool Colori is a compact all-in-one tool for slicing, reaming and garnishing.  It features a non-stick Japanese carbon steel blade, a reamer for juicing any citrus and a channel knife for cutting long or short citrus strips for garnishing. The knife fits inside the reamer for safe keeping, and the channel knife tucks inside the handle, the company said.

The Auto Deluxe Safety LidLifter with a stainless steel handle is the top of the line for Kuhn Rikon’s best-selling LidLifter collection. Safe, sanitary and ergonomic, the company said, it attaches itself to a can for ease of removing the lid, with no mess or sharp edges.

As an extension of its artistic outreach, MoMA says that the MoMA Store “exemplifies good design with a well-edited selection of products highlighting the latest in materials, production, and design concepts from around the world” that are “innovative, fun and functional.”