Kuhn Rikon Debuts Click ‘n Curl Spiralizer

Kuhn Rikon has debuted the Click ‘n Curl Spiralizer. The handheld kitchen gadget is designed to turn fresh veggies into faux-noodles and elegant ribbons.

The small or large cone clicks onto a Kuhn Rikon original Swiss peeler or julienne peeler. Then, the vegetables are placed inside the cone. The consumer then turns the tool to create ribbons or noodles; use the straight edge peeler for ribbons and the julienne peeler for noodles.

Both of the Kuhn Rikon cones work with either peeler and are removable for storage. The small cone fits veggies up to 1.5-inches in diameter. The large cone fits veggies up to 2.5-inches diameter, and is ideal for zucchini, sweet potatoes, cucumbers and more.

The set includes a small cone (orange), a large cone (green), original Swiss peeler and julienne peeler. Kuhn Rikon’s Click ‘n Curl Spiralizer has a suggested retail price of $18 and will be available for shipping in summer 2017.