Kuhn Rikon Debuts Pocket Maker Round Set

Kuhn Rikon has debuted the Pocket Maker Round Set. The new set is designed for creating homemade mini pies, pizza pockets, filled dumplings and other sweet and savory dishes. The set of three includes small, medium and large cutouts.

The Pocket Maker is a pastry cutter that features a pocketing mechanism. First, the cutter is pressed into dough to cut out a round shape. Then, a user places their desired filling between two pieces of dough. Finally, a user presses down on the lever of the Pocket Maker to crimp the edges together before baking.

The Kuhn Rikon Pocket Maker Round Set comes with a recipe guide and is available for immediate shipment. The set has a suggested retail price of $16. Kuhn Rikon also offers the Pocket Maker Shape Set with round, heart and star cutouts.