Kuhn Rikon Introduces Veggie Peeler Displays

Kuhn Rikon has introduced new point-of-sale merchandise displays for its assortment of veggie peelers, which includes potato, tomato and carrot designs.

The shallow countertop display unit holds 18 pieces, six of each style of veggie peeler.

The veggie peelers feature ultra-sharp carbon steel blades. Each peeler shape is themed to its functionality. For example, the potato peeler can be used for straight peels of potatoes, apples and pears. The serrated tomato peeler is designed for peeling softer fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, peaches and plums. The julienne carrot peeler makes matchstick strips of carrots, zucchini and squash.

Kuhn Rikon’s veggie peelers have a suggested retail price of $6 each. The new display is available for immediate shipment.