Kuissential Launches Travel French Press Brewing System

Kuissential, owned by SCS Direct, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the Kuissential Versa, a reverse travel French press brewing system and travel mug.

The Versa is a patented, all-in-one rapid brewing system and travel mug designed to enhance the French press coffee experience by reversing the brewing process by pulling instead of pressing and separating coffee from the grounds. The double-wall stainless steel container keeps coffee hot, and holds about three and a half cups of French pressed coffee. It features a locking cap on the lid to protect against spills, and coffee grounds are pulled into its patented brewing capsule for clean up.

“This new product represents Kuissential’s commitment to customer satisfaction and showcases the company’s passion for coffee innovation,” said the inventor, Benjamin Ebersold. “The Kuissential Versa was created with the vision to change the coffee industry for the benefit of on-the-go coffee drinkers.”

The Kuissential Versa pledge goal on Kickstarter is $10,000. It is available for pre-order on the company’s website and is expected to launch in 2017.