Kyocera Highlights InnovationBlack Knife Technology

Kyocera is casting a spotlight on its new patented InnovationBlack ceramic knives, which the company said features a fusion of ceramic materials.

The company said that based on internal research, the knives were proven to maintain razor-like sharpness twice as long as traditional ceramic knives. The new technology has received patents in the U.S., Europe and China and took more than 12 years of dedicated research and development to determine the proper composition and sintering of ceramic particles to create this proprietary line of kitchen cutlery.

“We wanted to discover a new technology to bring our industry forward in terms of performance for a reasonable price,” said Takanori Nishihara, inventor of the InnovationBlack line. “There are some incredible knives for up to $25,000 that the average person could never afford, of course. Taking that idea of higher performance for the home chef, we worked with a number of materials combined with our high-precision ceramics to determine the best combination that both increased durability of the blade and doubled sharpness retention.”

The company’s InnovationBlack series features a dark graphite gray blade and black handle. Made in Japan, the series includes seven sizes ranging from approximately $39.95 to $89.95 including a paring, utility, slicing, santoku, 6-inch and 7-inch chef’s knives and a two-piece knife set packaged in an embossed gift box.