Kyocera Introduces Salad Prep Set

Kyocera has introduced a new three-piece Ultimate Ceramic Salad set. Featuring a knife, mandoline and peeler, the salad set makes it quick and easy to prepare fresh salads at home, the company said.

The set includes an all-purpose ceramic 5-inch Slicing Knife for chopping fruits, vegetables and boneless meats. Its blade holds its edge 10 to 15 times longer than steel blades, the company said, the knife’s weight and balance, is designed to ease the process of repetitive cutting tasks.  

Also included is Kyocera’s ceramic-bladed Adjustable Slicer, which produces slices in four different widths, from paper thin  to an 1/8 inch thick. To operate, users can turn the dial for desired width. Additionally, corner notches help the slicer fit securely on top of most bowls, and a hand guard holds foods and protects hands while slicing.

The Ultimate Ceramic Salad Set also includes the Perfect Peeler. The three-in-one peeler can peel vertically, horizontally, or at a 45-degree angle. Designed for left- or right -handed use, the non-slip ergonomic handle makes peeling quick, easy, and precise, the company said.

Available in Black or Red, the Kyocera Ultimate Ceramic Salad Set is available for immediate shipment, with a suggested retail price of $59.95.