Kyocera Launches Consumer Products Division

Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corporation has announced that it has launched a Consumer Products Division, a new business unit intended to combine the strengths of the Application Products Division of Kyocera Tycom Corporation (KTC) and Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corporation (KICC).

The integration of the Application Products Division from KTC and KICC will optimize the strengths of both organizations and facilitate the expansion of Kyocera’s North American Advanced Ceramic cutlery and kitchenware business. The combined enterprise will streamline the operations for greater efficiencies while positioning the new Consumer Products Division of KICC for continued growth and success, the company said.

For customers and business partners of Kyocera, the company expects to offer higher levels of service with no changes in daily operations. Sales, marketing and resharp services will continue to operate from Kyocera’s Costa Mesa, CA, facility while order fulfillment and inventory have been relocated to Kyocera’s distribution center in Fremont, CA.

The new Consumer Products Division will expand its product portfolio with multiple introductions in time for the upcoming holiday season, the company said.