Kyocera Releases Duo Knife, Peeler Set

Kyocera is introducing a new set that combines a 3-inch paring knife with a vertical double edge peeler. Designed to offer add-on sales opportunities, both items in the set are constructed with the company’s signature ceramic blades that are said to stay sharp longer than metal blades, the company noted.

Featuring a lightweight ergonomic design, the set is available with green, red or black handles and white blades. 

“Peelers and paring knives are two of the most requested items in kitchenware. Our new set gives consumers a reason to trade up to higher quality and double their purchase with two everyday essentials packaged together,” said Denise Bernstein, marketing and sales manager at Kyocera.

The vertical double edge peeler peels with either a forward or backward motion, and the paring knife is ideal for fruits, vegetables, herbs, and boneless meats. 

The set comes in a boxed package with a suggested retail price of $29.95. It is available now.