Lamps Plus Adds Warehouse Capacity

Lamps Plus has expanded its warehouse presence in Redlands, CA, with the acquisition of a 57,000 square-foot building next to its existing 800,000 square-foot facility.

The company stated that it acquired the new facility, built in 2006, from Precision Pet Products for $7.1 million. It will use the new facility to augment storage space for lighting, home décor and furniture as well as shipping. The company opened the original Redlands warehouse in 2007, and added an adjacent outlet store in 2009.

“With the success of our online and store sales, we needed to expand our presence to rapidly meet customers’ increasingly faster shipping time expectations,” said Dennis Swanson, Lamps Plus CEO. “Redlands has solidified its reputation as a premier location for warehouse facilities with a number of major U.S. corporations also operating in the area and by offering an outstanding skilled workforce.”