Lamps Plus Boosts Personalization Strategy With Certona

Lamps Plus has begun using predictive targeting capabilities developed by Certona to personalize product landing pages from Google paid search campaigns.

The initiative is increasing relevance and reducing bounce rates by 22% from product listing advertisements, according to the companies.

Paid search campaigns are critical to the Lamps Plus marketing strategy. The partnership with Certona is helping Lamps Plus deliver a relevant assortment of similar products based on shoppers’ interactions with a product listing advertisement. The strategy has not only reduced bounce rates from paid traffic sources, but also resulted in a 17% bounce rate reduction from all external traffic, the companies said.

“Lamps Plus has benefitted from Certona’s expertise with personalization technology and by expanding this program to better support paid traffic sources, we have significantly improved the customer experience,” said Angela Hsu, svp/marketing and e-commerce, Lamps Plus. “Our personalization program ensures that customers see an expanded selection of lighting and home furnishing products that match their preferences and needs, which has generated more sales.”