Lamps Plus Capitalizes On Twitch Promotion

Lamps Plus has completed a partnership with Katie Ruvalcaba of MrsRuvi, a global English-language Top 15 Food & Drink streamer on Amazon’s Twitchglobal, a promotion designed to increase the company’s brand awareness among a new audience and capitalize on live-streaming.

Twitch launched Food & Drink in 2018 among its IRL, or In Real Life,  entertainment categories. Research indicates that Food & Drink has grown almost 40% in viewers and hours watched since July 2019, the retailer added.

In her sponsored Twitch streams, Ruvalcaba presented three new 360 Lighting brand LED under cabinet lights from Lamps Plus she had installed in her kitchen. The company sponsored all three of her four-hour streams from July 27 to 31 with website branding in stream titles and on her stream’s background signboard.

In her mid-30s with a family and home, Ruvalcaba and her audience are a closer match to the company’s typical shopper demographic than the average Twitch viewer. Her stream also features her husband Luis and their four children, all cooking and interacting with Katie and her chat audience.

“Twitch is ideal for brands to pursue marketing partnerships based on the platform’s record viewership numbers and rapid growth in the number of channels and variety of topics,” said Angela Hsu, svp/marketing and e-commerce for Lamps Plus. “We wanted to test a Twitch streamer partnership even though it’s an uncommon platform for a home furnishings brand. Because of the stream’s format, MrsRuvi keeps an attentive audience watching her kitchen for hours and that’s good for a brand like ours. We were gratified about the results, gaining authentic product enthusiasm from MrsRuvi and her family, and brand awareness with a new audience.”