Lamps Plus Enables Customized Photo Shades

At a time when personalization is becoming a bigger trend at retail, Lamps Plus has launched a new initiative: custom photo lighting and pillows.

The service allows consumers to apply photos to lamp shades and throw pillows. A web tool available for use on desktop and mobile devices lets customers start with a blank pillow or lamp shade, then upload their own photos to the custom photo editor. By employing the tool, users can crop and filter their images, as well as add text treatments, borders and other graphic elements.

Users also can create text-only pillows or lamp shades featuring favorite sayings or quotes. In addition, users of the service can design their own custom patterns as photo files and apply them to lamp shades and pillows.

“Lamps Plus is a leading online retail source for lamp shades and our decorative pillow business continues to grow,” said Dennis Swanson, Lamps Plus CEO. “Implementing a custom photo tool to our website was a high priority, and we’re eager to see what customers make. Creating your own lamp shade or pillow is easy and fun. Our customers share amazing photography and memories with friends and family on social media but that’s online. Photos stored on your phone are seldom properly viewed. It’s time to bring those great images into home décor.”