Lamps Plus’ Gwyn Evans Discusses Exclusive Product Partnerships

Specialty retailer Lamps Plus partnered with the Jamie Young Co. on a new, exclusive line of mini pendant lights that it showed off at the Spring High Point Market earlier this month, and Gwyn Evans, Lamps Plus vp, divisional merchandise manager told HomeWorld Business how it developed.

The Jamie Young pendant introduction is the second such proprietary effort Lamps Plus has launched, with the first, an exclusive product partnership with Robert Abbey, Inc., debuting at the Fall High Point Market.

HomeWorld Business: Although the collaboration with Jamie Young was the latest proprietary collection, what was the original idea behind doing the exclusive design partnerships?

Gwyn Evans: The original idea came from the partnership with Robert Abbey. We wanted to celebrate the rich history the two companies have shared for more than 35 years together. To celebrate, both companies came together to design a new twist on the iconic Delta lamp. The updated design for the Delta Duo, featured three new colors, gold and nickel finishes, and was exclusively sold at Lamps Plus in limited quantity.

HomeWorld Business: Why did the company decide to tie lighting from the partnerships to High Point markets?

Gwyn Evans: Announcing the partnership at High Point Market seemed like the best fit. We wanted to announce to the trade media, but also to those highly influential designers that are attending market. Lastly, we wanted to open the doors to working with other vendors in the future for retail exclusives.

HomeWorld Business: What did Lamps Plus learn from the Robert Abbey initiative?

Gwyn Evans: The Robert Abbey initiative reaffirmed for us the importance of telling the story of our longstanding leadership as the lighting experts and our relationships with lighting and décor manufacturers. Lamps Plus is a family owned company, and we’ve been in a tight, family-like partnership/relationship with many companies, who have grown and prospered along with us over the years.

HomeWorld Business: How will the Jamie Young initiative differ from the Robert Abbey effort in concept and/or execution?

Gwyn Evans: With Robert Abbey, it was more of a celebration of the two brands’ long history together. The design was a complete collaborative effort where the in-house Lamps Plus design team worked directly with the designers from Robert Abbey for the Delta Duo. With this second product exclusive, Lamps Plus had options to select from a number of vendors and products. The Jamie Young pendant was selected because of the company’s wide recognition for quality design. And, at the heart of their business, just like Lamps Plus, Jamie Young is still focused on lighting.

For more of the interview, please see the May 12 issue of HomeWorld Business.