Lamps Plus Launches Design Services, New TV Commercial

At a time marked by coronavirus-related movement restrictions, Lamps Plus has launched a free online lighting design service to make it convenient for consumers to get expert advice without leaving their homes or otherwise compromising social distancing with a store visit.

In another initiative, Lamps Plus has released a new commercial featuring the currently relatable situation of a family spending time together at home.

To use the design service, Lamps Plus explained, consumers can schedule an appointment and later receive one-to-one expert lighting advice via phone or text. Consumers contacting Lamps Plus from a specific store area  are automatically routed to a local store employee. Other requests nationwide are handled by the San Francisco/Bay Area store team. Lamps Plus features the design service on its home page, and it will be a prioritized option in the future.

Dennis Swanson, Lamps Plus founder and CEO, stated that, with its physical stores temporarily closed, the design services program will allow the company to keep its employees busy helping existing and potential customers.

“Direct custom expert lighting design advice can really make customers’ homes more comfortable,” he said. “In the past few weeks, we’ve seen great results from this service, and we expect it to continue to grow.”

In the advertising initiative, Lamps Plus filmed the commercial, dubbed “Memories at Home,” early this year in its headquarters’ studios before the imposition of quarantine measures.

Cathy Bui, a Cal State Long Beach film student who won the company’s UGC video contest last year, created a concept and then wrote, co-directed and added voice-over narration to the commercial. The Lamps Plus video team managed casting, production and editing. The commercial features family memories: a father’s birthday surprise, family play time and a grandmother reading to her granddaughter. Lamps Plus lighting appears in each scene.

Lamps Plus is running the 30-second spot across digital media channels, and it will appear on connected TV soon.