Lamps Plus Promotes Layers Of Light Campaign

To emphasize its lighting leadership and innovation, Lamps Plus has launched initiatives that include an educational campaign dubbed “Layers of Light” and the introduction of Tesler smart sockets.

The Layers of Light campaign details an innovative lighting technique to create well lit, comfortable rooms with a touch of drama, the company noted. Lamps Plus founder and CEO Dennis Swanson advocates for the layered lighting approach, recommending that homeowners adopt arrangements that include multiple light sources including task lamps, overhead lights and accent lighting. Homeowners frequently rely on overhead recessed lights, Swanson noted, which can produce over-lit, undramatic and washed out looking interior spaces.

“Recessed lighting is a general way to light a space but it’s the worst for creating visual drama,” Swanson said. “A more effective and efficient lighting design uses a combination of fixtures and lamps to layer the light. By using multiple sources, the lighting is dispersed more evenly, creating pools of light and drama.”

Multiple light sources generate eye-pleasing layers of illumination in a room, Lamps Plus pointed out, creating comfortable spaces with dramatic pools of bright and shadow similar to what’s the case in high-end interior design magazines, TV shows and restaurants.

Lamps Plus developed a YouTube video and an article about the layered lighting technique to demonstrate how easy it is to create. The company plans to expand the content through the rest of 2020.

A way to turn on multiple lamps together and achieve light layering is through the use of Tesler Wi-Fi smart sockets. The Internet-connected sockets plug into any power outlet to charge floor or table lamps. Users control the sockets via a free phone app, which includes the ability to schedule lighting functions. In addition, the Tesler smart sockets work with Amazon Alexa and Google Home smart speakers. They come two per package for $19.99.