Lamps Plus Puts Charge Into Lighting Promotion

Lamps Plus has launched a promotion with Los Angeles Chargers guard Forrest Lamp to highlight lighting products with electronic device charging capacity.

Lamp, whose name makes him a natural ally of the retailer, is a Lamps Plus promotional partner, particularly on social media and in public relations initiatives. The company featured him in a YouTube video, for example, with girlfriend Natosha Boden as they prepared to move in together.

In this case, Lamp is helping the retailer get the word out about Lamps Plus’ assortment of products with USB port and power outlet charging, and the advantages they offer as personal electronics become more critical in consumer lifestyles.

“Table and floor lamps with ports for chargers are a growing trend, and we expect to see this continue throughout 2019,” said Dennis Swanson, founder and CEO of Lamps Plus. “We offer a wide assortment of lamps that include built-in chargers. Also, our universal charging USB-outlet workstation lamp base makes it easy to add chargers to almost any table lamp.”