Lamps Plus Sales Shift To Products Supporting Work, Comfort

Lamps Plus has seen a purchasing shift towards products that have helped consumers make their homes more functional and comfortable as stay-at-home requirements spread across the U.S. in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company noted that all 36 Lamps Plus stores located across seven western states are temporarily closed to protect the health of customers and associates. As a retail operation heavily focused on e-commerce, Lamps Plus has adapted and the business has shifted to the digital side, with orders continuing to ship from its warehouse.

Lamps Plus pointed out that its sales trends reflect consumers becoming acclimated to staying home. As they have done so, consumers have become additionally focused on home comfort, making them more likely to consider addressing delayed home projects.

Based on its sales data, Lamps Plus identified product segments that are getting increasing consumer attention. For example:

  • Ceiling fans, outdoor lighting and mirrors are selling well as consumers make their homes more pleasing.
  • Desk lamps and desk seating sales have grown as customers set up or alter domestic offices while working from home.
  • Fountains, both indoor and outdoor, have experienced higher sales as consumers add a home element that offers a soothing touch.
  • Lamps with USB ports in their bases are generating strong demand as they charge the phones and tablets that keep families and friends connected and home-bound workers making business calls and video conferencing.
  • Lamp pairs, floor lamps and lamp shades also saw strong sales as consumers have been adding portable lighting that can brighten rooms or replace older lights.

Lamps Plus founder and CEO Dennis Swanson said digital shopping remains strong as consumers are spending most of their waking hours at home rather than at work or elsewhere outside the household. In those circumstances, brightening a room or adding a chair that invites residents to relax becomes a way to make the home more comforting. Indeed, just being at home reminds consumers of the domestic projects they’ve been putting off.

“Home projects that may have been considered low priority are now top-of-mind because consumers are aware of them all day rather than the few hours before and after their workday,” Swanson said.