Lamps Plus Taps Linc Global For Voice Tracking Functions

Lamps Plus has implemented Linc Global’s artificial intelligence-powered platform to offer shoppers instant tracking for orders via voice digital channels.

According to Linc Global, Lamps Plus recognized the opportunity to provide customers with real-time updates and answers about their order status via new communication channels such as Amazon Alexa and Facebook Messenger. The platform provides tracking through live-updating emails and SMS text, two-way chat via Facebook Messenger chatbots and voice assistance via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. In addition, the Linc platform gives Lamps Plus a customer care solution to deliver a personalized experience.

“When customers place an order, they expect real-time updates and answers via new communication methods including Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant,” said Angela Hsu, svp/internet business and marketing, Lamps Plus. “Linc’s AI platform enables us to enhance and automate our customer communications while reducing costs.”