Lamps Plus Texting Service Links Customer To Store

Lamps Plus is offering a text link for consumers who want to send questions to their local Lamps Plus store, where employees will reply.

The just-launched service, supported by the retailer’s mobile website, allows customers to send texts to any Lamps Plus store to ask questions about an item’s availability, product details and other lighting and home furnishing-related information. Customers can send a question from their phone’s SMS app to any of the 37 Lamps Plus stores. Lamps Plus asserted that it is the first U.S. retailer to provide customers the option of interacting directly with any of the company’s stores without requiring an additional app.

At each Lamps Plus location, the store manager or assistant store manager carries a company iPhone during store hours that is dedicated to answering customers’ texts. Customers also can find the text number of any location on store pages, in customer marketing emails and inside printed catalogs. If they are near Lamps Plus stores, they can tap the Check Store Availability option from every mobile website product page, which leads to a Text Store for Availability prompt initiating an initial SMS message.

In addition to queries regarding product availability, sizes, colors and other design features, customers can send photos to ask about adding products to their home’s interior design or request product photos and videos from the store. They also can reserve products via text for pick up in store.

“We consider customer-to-store texting to be important for the future of brick-and-mortar customer service,” said Dennis Swanson, Lamps Plus founder and CEO. “Customers have shown they want the convenience of reaching their local Lamps Plus store through texting. While we prioritize all in-bound store phone calls, texting adds another level of ease for customers to get answers and details through one-to-one interaction. Our store employees receive hundreds of online training sessions per year and are knowledgeable about the products we carry and what other customers are asking so they are the perfect resource to answer customers’ questions through texting.”