Las Vegas Market, Aid For Artisans Grow Handmade Mix

The Las Vegas Market will be bringing artisan exhibitors to the summer edition of the market, running July 29 to August 2, through the Aid For Artisans initiative to expand its handmade product mix.

The summer 2018 Aid to Artisan showcase will feature the works of five companies from Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Tibet, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. This summer, the Aid to Artisans exhibitors will be part of the trade show’s Handmade category offerings at the Pavilions at Las Vegas Market.

Exhibitors include:

  • Khyber Truck, based in Pakistan, which translates the country’s indigenous truck art into a wide variety of household items and collectibles, including kettles, lanterns, canisters and model trucks.
  • Azure Jewelry, based in Mexico City, which features clean, contemporary handcrafted jewelry created by founder Carlos Ruiz.
  • Bibi Hanum, from Uzbekistan, is a socially responsible enterprise creating fashion apparel and accessories using traditional hand-woven silk cotton ikat fiber.
  • Dropenling is a socially responsible, self-sustaining Tibetan provider of colorful toys and puppets supported by the World Bank’s Poverty Alleviation Project and is a recipient of a UNESCO Award of Excellence.
  • Foundation of Cultural and Creative Industries Inc. (FINCC) of the Dominican Republic was founded as a means of preserving the culture and traditional skills of the Dominican Republic artisan sector and features a number of artisan-crafted products, including wood carvings, reproductions of pre-Columbian ceramics, and jewelry using Dominican amber and rare blue amber.

Las Vegas Market has put an emphasis on the development and growth of its artisan offerings, and plans to have more than 200-plus resources and 70 exhibitors in its Handmade section.