Lava Lite Expands Glitter Lamp Collection

Lava Lite hopes that all that glitters turns to gold. The company is expanding its line of glitter lamps including two in the GlitterMax collection that have a particular sparkle to them.

The lamps, in blue and scarlet, have glitter circulating in the globe. However, their base and cap also are infused with glitter to maximize their glam appeal.

The GlitterMax lamps come in Lava’s traditional 14.5-inch size and complement a hand-painted multi-color glitter lamp and two glitter-filled lamps in the company’s Frosted line, as well as sparkly lamps in 17-inch and 18.5 inch sizes, including Double Play, which is the first Lava lamp to combine wax and glitter.

Lava Lite’s 14.5-inch GlitterMax lamp has a suggested retail price of $19.99.