Lava Lite To Launch Beatles Lava Lamps

Lava Lite, LLC has announced that it is partnering with Apple Corp. Ltd. to bring fans of The Beatles a new, dedicated lamp line featuring iconic graphics. The Beatles Lava Lamps will feature motifs inspired by the albums Help!, Rubber Soul, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Magical Mystery Tour, as well as a series based on the band’s animated classic Yellow Submarine.

The lamps will offer full color decals with album cover artwork, Beatles and album logo silk-screening and multi-colored, hand-painted glass globes, according to Lava. The lamps stand 14.5-inches tall with a capacity of 20 ounces containing glitter or traditional “lava.”

The Beatles Lava Lamps will roll out in-store at various specialty retailers and online at in time for the holiday season, retailing for $29.99. Lava noted that Bravado International, The Beatles North American licensing agent, brokered the deal.

“The partnership between The Beatles and Lava Lite is a natural union, as both came about in the Sixties,” said Clay Farnsworth, president and CEO of Lava Lite. He added that both the Beatles and Lava “have remained timeless to fans and continue to gain new audiences. We’re very excited to launch the Beatles and Yellow Submarine themed Lava Lamps for people to collect, celebrate, and commemorate both brands. The timing couldn’t be more perfect as Lava Lite celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.”