Lavit To Launch Single-Serve Cold Beverage Appliances

Lavit, LLC is launching single-serve cold beverage units for commercial and home use this year. The dispensers feature a patent pending capsule chamber, electronic controls, and single button activation. Housewares veteran Jim McCusker has joined the company to lead the Lavit home division.

The Lavit beverage platform offers an exclusive line of vitamin enriched, low and no sugar cold beverages, still and carbonated, the company noted.

“The single-serve cold beverage industry can expect an exciting new entrant in 2015,” said Lavit retail director, Jim McCusker. McCusker is former president of DeLonghi America and founder of the Viante Home Products Company.

“As this new in home category gets ready to emerge, Lavit dispensers will offer convenience, ease of use, a wide selection of healthy beverages, and importantly an environmentally friendly alternative. Lavit capsules are 100% recyclable. In addition, it is exciting to note the home unit will generate carbonation without the use of cumbersome and expensive CO2 cylinders,” stated McCusker.

Filling and packaging equipment for the commercial launch have been tested and are ready for production, the company said. With preliminary orders already in hand, commercial units are scheduled to begin shipping in March. The home unit will officially launch in the fall of 2015.