Le Creuset Aims To Bring ‘Nourishing Comfort’ To Table

CHARLESTON, SC— Known for its bright colors and expansive color stories, Le Creuset has taken a different direction this year. Dubbed The New Calm, the company released four new calming, comforting hues. Inspired by current trends toward clarity and intentionality, Coastal Blue, Fig, Meringue and Sea Salt are intended to spark confidence in home cooks, as well as to inspire a younger generation to discover the French cookware brand.

HOMEWORLD BUSINESS® spoke to Nate Collier, director of marketing communications for Le Creuset, about the recently launched color story and how it is designed to bring a sense of calm to all who welcome it to the table.

HomeWorld Business: Why did you release a trio of colors at the beginning of this year instead of one, larger color story as has been the case in the last few years?

Nate Collier: As a color leader, our point of view and editorial vision of the marketplace come from many places including cultural and food trends in addition to broader color trends. We saw a place for a calming palette of neutral colors as a very relevant and compelling story that consumers are reacting to in this market and broader environment. Naturally, a palette of colors allows us to have a longer and broader conversation about color, including our current core colors that complement this collection.

HWB: How do you think that this will bring in a new type of consumer, a younger consumer or a more design-driven consumer? 

NC: We do think it will attract a new and different consumer, as there is an appetite for a cleaner design driven aesthetic among younger consumers. But they will also resonate with our core consumers as well. The new colors play very well as an accent to most of our core colors, and with the success of our Oyster Grey in recent years we see these as all being successful launches.

HWB: What is the breakdown in products? What is available in what channel and why?

NC: All materials are available in all channels, but the colors are selectively sold through different retailers. Meringue is available through Le Creuset and Williams-Sonoma and will be launched and refreshed with new support to the independent channel in May. Sea Salt is available through Le Creuset and Sur La Table; Fig is available through Le Creuset and Crate & Barrel; and Coastal Blue is available through Le Creuset and Macy’s. This allows us to help promote and activate all of our colors, but also gives dedicated consumers to other wholesalers a reason to shop a color that fits in their specific spectrum and assortment.


HWB: How do you feel these products all complement each other in color and style? 

NC: The entire point of view is about a calming collection of neutrals. These colors fit with the trends we saw coming, as well as filled a gap in our portfolio. The palette is all about effortless style, nourishing comfort and uncontrived beauty. Neutrals can make a confident statement on their own, and do not always need to be a background afterthought.


HWB: Why do you feel that these
colors will resonate with consumers this year? 

NC: There has been a lot of noise in the past few years from many places. These colors aim to hit on the feeling that consumers are ready for a more calming, confident approach.


HWB: What can we expect in terms of marketing support for each channel?

NC: You can expect a full mix of support. Organic and paid social, influencer and chef partnerships, digital and advertorial content, and, of course, video and photo assets.