Le Creuset Highlights Silicone Lids

Le Creuset is putting the spotlight on the company’s line of silicone lids, which are designed to help home cooks avoid messes, while also providing consumers with a storage solution.

The silicone lid is also designed to fit on any smooth-rimmed bowl or pot, forming an airtight seal that prevents splatters and seals in heat, the company said. It is also designed to help keep leftovers fresh, as the lid can be used in place of wrapping, and can also contain splatters when reheating food in the microwave.

The silicone lids are available in flame, cerise, Marseille, oyster and Caribbean colors and are available in 8-inch and 11-inch sizes. The suggested retail price is $20 for the 8-inch and $25 for the 11-inch size.