Le Gourmet Chef Launches New Website

Le Gourmet Chef stores announced the launch of a new e-commerce website, which reportedly offers double the number of products as well as interactive features designed to enhance the user experience, simplify shopping and provide online customers with a sense of the dynamic experience at Le Gourmet Chef’s retail store locations.
According to the company, the new site is designed to allow customers to explore and find products in the way that appeals most to them. Drop-down menus cover all product areas from Gourmet Foods to Cookware, and tabs take customers to collections of products and recipes organized by seasonal themes, “much in the way theme tables display items in the Le Gourmet Chef retail stores,” said a company release. Customers can quickly find new items in any category or can shop by brand name. Original photography captures the store’s products vividly in real kitchen settings.
“We’re thrilled about the new site. If you’ve ever been to a Le Gourmet Chef store, you’ll immediately recognize the store’s style and tone in what you see,” said Susan Johnson, director/marketing and visual merchandising for Le Gourmet Chef. “And, if you’ve never been to one of our stores, we hope the website will inspire you to visit. Our new website truly captures the spirit of Le Gourmet Chef’s brand mantra— cook, eat, entertain.”
One feature of the new website is a section showing which dips and salsas are currently being sampled in Le Gourmet Chef stores. For a number of these items, users will find short videos of real customers tasting these foods in the stores and can see and hear the reactions. Other videos on the site provide online customers with product demonstrations and a tour of one of Le Gourmet Chef’s 77 stores.
Special promotional boxes appear throughout the site and a section is devoted to sale, clearance and hot-buy items. Le Gourmet Chef has also updated its email program, providing registered members with improved values offered more frequently. Customers can sign up to receive these offers on the new website.