LeClair Navigates Pandemic Challenges While Keeping Staples Customer Top Of Mind

The office superstore retail channel found itself in an advantageous position as the COVID-19 pandemic struck the U.S., as restrictions to personal movement caused many consumers to become remote workers. David LeClair was one of the people who helped Staples meet the challenge of a suddenly changed market dynamic.

The coronavirus crisis dialed up demand for products consumers could use to develop or upgrade home offices, and, frequently, multiple home offices to outfit families for work and school. The benefit to Staples was twofold, first in sales and second in refamiliarizing consumers with the company, particularly online. Staples’ website and stores got a boost when consumers began scrambling to find home office product suppliers and, as they discovered that it remained open as an essential retailer, cleaning and other products vital to sheltering at home during the outbreak.

LeClair was someone suited for the circumstances because he actively takes input from suppliers and experts to use with his own close observations in making decisions, said a vendor. He is collaborative and listens to supplier input, asks questions effectively and shares information to help suppliers lend better support. In a market under the influence of the coronavirus pandemic, he remained aggressive in testing new concepts that keep the stores relevant, continuing to ensure Staples can present a relevant assortment and environment for the changing target customer.

Staples, with its recent Instacart deal and a new community-oriented store concept, needs buyers who have the wherewithal to weigh the needs of consumer, professional and small business shoppers as well as larger enterprises. With the company for more than a decade, LeClair brings to bear experience and consideration in degrees that support Staples initiatives and make him a 2020 Impact Merchant.