Lékué Presents New Veggie Burger Tool

Lékué is presenting the Veggie Burger Tool, which is designed to make even, equal-sized patties for grilling and for stuffing.

The burger tool is designed to make patty stuffing with cheeses, salsa or vegetables. It will be introduced at The Inspired Home Show.

In addition to vegetables, salsas or cheeses, the tool can also be used to make burgers from ground meat or fish. To use, consumers are instructed to fill the silicone mold halfway with the veggie burger mixture and then press the mold to flatten. Using the small press, consumers are then instructed to make an indent in the burger, fill with cheese or other veggies such as spinach, add more of the veggie burger mixture on top. The final step is to press to flatten and then de-mold.

The new Veggie Burger nests for storage, the company said, and has a suggested retail price of $18. Additionally, it comes with recipes.