Lékué Rolls Out Veggie Ricer

Lékué has rolled out its new veggie ricer, which is designed to turn cauliflower or broccoli into a riced ingredient for recipes such as rice bowls and pizza crust.

To use, consumers can put the pieces of cauliflower or broccoli inside the veggie ricer, replace the lid and then turn the two parts of the product in opposite directions. Then, the lid can be removed and the food extracted. The veggie ricer has a suggested retail price of $15.

“Cooks use the new veggie ricer to lighten up their favorite comfort foods,” said Tara Steffen, Lékué USA marketing director. “We’re finding that it is helping people change behaviors. The ricer grinds veggies into a bowl of low-carb rice that can be used in recipes as a healthy exchange for high-carb long or short-grain rice or pasta. It’s a simple change but it makes a difference.”