Lenox’s ‘Table Talk’ Blog Focuses On Home Entertaining

Lenox’s new blog “Table Talk” made its debut yesterday. The blog, which is focused on home entertaining, features posts from the brand, ranging from tips, inspiration, decorating, arts and culture to peeks behind-the-scenes, and reports on events and people.

“Every month, about a million people visit our website,” said Sherri Crisenbery, vp/Lenox Brands. “‘Table Talk’ is a great way for us to engage with them while establishing ourselves as America’s home entertaining design authority.”

Table Talk will include an eclectic array of regular and one-time features, covering topics from the worlds of fashion and food to design and decor, according to the company.

The blog will be curated by Sofia Baez, social media coordinator for Lenox. The blog will interact with all of the Lenox social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, the company noted.

Table Talk can be found at www.lenoxusa.tumblr.com.