LG Advances Energy Efficient Smart Air Conditioners

LG Electronics USA has introduced three new connected window air conditioners featuring the company’s new dual inverter compressor technology.

According to the company, the dual inverter compressor, a variable-speed compressor, constantly adjusts its speed to maintain desired temperature levels resulting in less fluctuation and greater energy efficiency of 25% or 40%, depending on the model. LG has earned the 2018 Energy Star Emerging Technology Award for the technology, which honors new and promising technologies that deliver significant energy savings during operation, the company said.

“Introducing the first variable output room air conditioner to the U.S. market is a significant energy-efficiency milestone, and we congratulate LG for earning the Energy Star 2018 Emerging Technology Award,” said Peter Banwell, senior manager, U.S. EPA Energy Star Program. “The LG Dual Inverter window air conditioners are cutting edge units that will help consumers save on their energy bills and dramatically reduce CO2 emissions in a product category that is notorious for heavy energy consumption. We look forward to working with LG to expand the use of this innovative technology in the years ahead.”

In addition to energy efficiency, the new window air conditioners also feature advanced cooling, quiet operation, green controls and smart controls. The new air conditioners are available in 14,000-, 18,000- and 22,000-BTU models, and are available now at retailers nationwide. The models are priced between $469 and $669.