LG Advances Smart Home Functionality

To advance the functionality of today’s home appliances, LG Electronics is set to launch deep learning technology at CES 2017. The new technology will be featured in its new robotic vacuum cleaner and smart air conditioner.

According to the company, its deep learning technology will allow home appliances to better understand their users by continually gathering and studying customer lifestyle patterns over time.

The company’s new robotic vacuum cleaner will feature improved performance through memory. Using multiple sensors and deep learning technology, the robotic vacuum cleaner is said to recognize objects around the home, such as wires and shoes, and react accordingly. By capturing surface images of different rooms, the intelligent cleaner remembers obstacles and learns to avoid them over time. It can also maneuver around household objects and differentiate between objects and a person. Should someone stand directly in the vacuum’s path, it will politely ask that they step aside in order to continue the cleaning process, the company said.

A new smart air conditioner, equipped with deep learning technology, analyzes the daily behavior patterns of the homeowner, including the parts of the home most occupied at certain times throughout the day. With this information the air conditioner is able to assess how to provide the most comfortable temperatures quickly and efficiently, providing fast cooling to specific areas of the home families use at a greater frequency and for longer periods of time, the company said.

The new smart home technology will also be featured in the company’s major appliances including a refrigerator and washing machine.