LG Electronics Launches Smart Air Conditioner Control System

LG Electronics USA has launched its new LG Smart AC Module that enables smartphone control of its duct-free LG air conditioning systems. When paired with a free Smart AC app, available for compatible Android and iOS smartphones, the LG Smart AC Module allows users to remotely control their air conditioner whether at home or away, customize temperature settings and conserve energy.

The user’s wireless device communicates with the module on the indoor unit to control various functions and features, including temperature, fan speed and air flow directly through the smart phone app. Frequently used settings can be saved to a favorites list for easy replication of a preferred temperature scenario. Advanced settings include a sleep timer for programmed temperature control throughout the night and a purifying option for circulating filtered air.

The LG Smart AC module is currently available for LG’s residential and commercial duct-free systems, including high efficiency single zone inverter models, standard single zone inverter models and the Art Cool premier models.