LG Enters Air Cleaner Market

LG Electronics USA has launched the LG PuriCare line of air cleaners, which marks its introduction into the consumer air purifier market. The new line includes three air purifiers and one dehumidifier.

“LG knows that families across America are becoming more sophisticated and proactive about how they approach health, and they’re looking for technologies that move beyond eating better and exercising smarter,” said David VanderWaal, vp/marketing, LG. “Our new LG PuriCare line joins other innovations, like our allergen-reducing laundry systems and vacuums, in showing how LG is creating an entire ecosystem of products that help families live a healthier life through virtually every touch-point in the home, including the air they breathe.”

The air purifiers are said to detect airborne contaminants and reduce smoke, pollen and other air pollutants, and feature a three-stage filtration system: washable pre-filter, the PuriCare micro particle filter, plus a deodorizing filter to reduce unpleasant smells and volatile organic compounds like formaldehyde.

The models feature auto mode and an intelligent fan setting that adjusts its operation based on the current air quality. The air purifiers also feature LG smart lighting, a lighting system that delivers real-time readings of indoor particulate levels in the home.

The tower model, AS401WWA, carries an MSRP of $499. The round console, models AS401VSA0 and AS401VGA1, are offered in both brushed silver and gold and carry an MSRP of $349.

Handling performance of 70 pints per day, the dehumidifier, model UD701KOG3, is said to be easy to move and empty, with a full-bucket indicator. Safety features include the automatic restart feature after a power failure and an airflow blockage alarm, and internal components that are made of thermally resistant materials. It features top-mounted touchpad controls, including a child safety lock. It is also Energy Star certified and carries an MSRP of $299.