LG Advances CordZero Vacuum Cleaner Line

LG Electronics will introduce the next generation of its CordZero premium vacuum cleaners at CES 2017, to be held in Las Vegas this week.

Both the new CordZero stick and canister vacuums feature the company’s Aero Science vacuum technology. According to the company, the CordZero stick vacuum features the company’s Smart Inverter Motor, which enables the 3D turbo fan to generate powerful airflow. The proprietary motor technology delivers power directly to the cleaner head for cleaning both carpet and hard floors. In addition, two removable Dual PowerPack lithium ion batteries provide extra power.

The new CordZero canister vacuum also features the Smart Inverter Motor with Axial Turbo Cyclone and delivers suction with a PowerPack lithium ion battery. In addition, powered by advanced RoboSense 2.0 technology, the vacuum is said to automatically follow the user to avoid the need to tug or pull the canister. The vacuum’s collision detection system is said to identify obstacles and avoid them with its front-mounted sensor.

“LG’s new CordZero vacuums raise the bar in cleaning convenience for consumers by allowing them to vacuum freely from room to room,” said David VanderWaal, vp/marketing for LG Electronics USA. “They are a powerful addition to LG’s ecosystem of products, including our allergen-reducing washing machines and our air purifiers, designed for not just a cleaner home, but a healthier one, by also helping to reduce dust and particles in the air.”