LG Taps The Jetsons In Smart Home Appliance Showcase

LG Electronics has launched an informative online video featuring “The Jetsons,” aimed at showcasing the company’s present and future line of connected home appliances powered by its LG SmartThinQ technology.

In the video, the Jetson family showcases a variety of LG connected appliances including a robotic vacuum cleaner and home robot.

LG’s newest robotic vacuum, the LG Hom-Bot Turbo+, streams video from the vacuum’s camera directly to a user’s smart phone. The vacuum is said to recognize objects around the home and react accordingly, and, by capturing surface images of different rooms, the cleaner remembers obstacles and learns to avoid them over time while differentiating between household objects and a person, the company said.

The video also showcases LG’s intelligent home robot as part of the company’s innovations in artificial intelligence. The LG Hub Robot connects to other smart appliances in the home and uses voice recognition technology to complete household tasks such as turning on the air conditioner.