LG To Unveil Smart Home Appliances At CES

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, LG Electronics announced that it will debut a suite of new smart technology-enabled appliances, including an air conditioner, with plans for a vacuum cleaner later on this year. 

The lineup is equipped with LG’s HomeChat technology and LINE mobile messenger platform. The new smart air conditioner allows consumers to remotely monitor its functionality. For example, when a consumer is away from home and the unit is on, the user can choose to receive up-to-the-minute updates via text or voice message on their mobile device, about the AC’s current temperature, power mode and fan speed.

If a consumer will be away for a long period of time, such as on vacation, they can also check if the unit is powered off and can turn it on, ahead of arriving back home. It will also monitor the unit’s power usage, which according to LG, works with the company’s energy saving technology to support energy efficiency.

“We find that consumers always look for an easier way to manage their busy households, and HomeChat helps simplify the process of communicating with appliances,” said T.J. Lee, svp/home appliances, LG Electronics USA.

Rounding out LG’s other new offerings will be a smart refrigerator that can remotely provide a photo of the appliance’s current contents and a smart oven that provides consumers with recipes and ingredients, while on the go. Other introductions from the smart line include a washing machine, with a dryer coming later this year, and an audio system.

The 2015 International CES is taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center, January 6-9 in Las Vegas.