Libbey Debuts New Stemless Wine Glasses

Libbey has introduced two new stemless wine glasses that company officials said bring a new design twist to the stemless wine category.

The Kepler stemless wine glass features molded concentric rings at the base of the glass. The styled geometry molded into the glass offers an updated look that is targeted at younger consumers or those seeking a youthful design, company officials said.

Libbey’s Kearny stemless wine glass is designed with small spaces in mind. The company said the new glass is stackable, which adds functionality. The all-purpose glass features a gentle tulip shape, described as a wide bowl at the base that funnels to a narrow top. This, said Libbey, allows proper swirling of red wine along with capturing the aromas of white wine. In addition, the foot is designed to feel comfortable in the hand and also offers space-saving when the glass is stored away.