Libbey Rolls Out Kearney Stackable Glassware

Libbey is rolling out its stackable Kearney glassware assortment, in an effort to offer consumers space saving glassware solutions in the home.

The company noted that the new 17-ounce glassware features a tulip shape with a wide bowl that funnels to a narrow top and is ideal for beverages such as wine and bourbon. The shape is designed to encourage aromas to filter to the top of the wine, allowing the varietal to breathe while also providing the tool for proper swirling.

In addition, Libbey also said the Kearney glassware’s shape enhances the bourbon tasting experience by stimulating alcohol evaporation so the true nature of the spirit shines through. The ledge of the glass also makes it easy to swirl wine or whiskey in hand.