Lidl Sets Price Comparison As It Prepares U.S. Store Debuts

Lidl is opening the company’s first supermarkets in the U.S. on June 15, and in anticipation of the event, it is releasing its first-ever U.S. pricing leaflet.

The circular includes deals for the grand opening weekend. Highlights include a 22-inch kettle grill for $19.99, as well as black angus beef patties for $3.49 a pound, an insulated thermal bottle for $3.99, fresh pineapples for 89 cents, a stainless steel-blade smoothie maker sold at $12.99, with travel cups included, bamboo cutting boards for $7.99, an 850-watt two-slot toaster in four colors for $19.99 and mosaic side tables, in square and round tops, for $19.99 each. A featured deal covers Lidl’s Allini Prosecco at a price of $8.99.

Lidl provides what it characterizes as a simple and efficient approach to grocery shopping. It emphasizes own-brand products at value prices up to 50% below typical supermarkets in the U.S., Lidl asserted. The company maintained that it based value comparisons on 2017 aggregated sales data for the U.S. Mid-Atlantic region and a price analysis of products at leading national retail grocery stores.