Lifespan Brands Debuts Bright Source Lamp Assortment

Lifespan Brands is launching a new lighting assortment with the debut of its Bright Source lamp collection, which is inspired by the company’s signature Lava Lamp.

The company, which manufactures Lava Lamps and other novelty lighting products, said it is combining Lava motion with a completely new design aesthetic. According to the company, the Bright Source collection features rich textures, pops of color and the movement commonly associated with Lava Lamps.

The new lamps are designed to provide softer lighting through the Lava lamp, while the table lamp provides a brighter light source, according to the company.

“Our iconic shape and widely recognized Lava brand lends credibility and excitement to our new Bright Source lamps with consumers,” said Clay Farnsworth, president and CEO of Lifespan Brands. “We have done extensive independent consumer research on this concept to make sure we have the best product in the perfect packaging at the right price.”