Lifespan Launches Lava Lamp Loyalty Program

Lifespan Brands is launching a free loyalty rewards program for Lava lamp collectors.

Lava Insiders provides enthusiasts with access to exclusive Lava lamps, special contests, free birthday gifts, pre-sales, prizes and other features. Members will earn points, or blobs, for each dollar they spend on the brand’s website that accrue into discounts on future purchases.

“We are thrilled to be giving Lava lamp enthusiasts this great opportunity to save money on the products that they love,” said Jennifer Courington, Lifespan vp/marketing and product development. “We think Lava Insiders will be popular among seasoned fans who have been building their collections since the ’60s as well as the younger generation of Lava lovers who are just starting to collect. We are excited to offer limited edition Lava lamps that they can’t buy anywhere else, making their collections even more special. It’s a way to reward our loyal customers and create lasting relationships.”