Lifestyle Trends Meet Design At Inspired Home Show Preview

NEW YORK— If nothing else, the recent International Housewares Association preview event for the Inspired Home Show proved, at least, that reusable straws are a hot commodity as sustainability begins to have more influence on product development. Technology, wellness, convenience and portability will also be focal points of the Inspired Home Show, which will be held March 14 to 17 in Chicago.

Given the evolution of device-centric consumer culture, technology is inevitably playing a bigger role in the housewares industry.

Smart home-related products previewed at the New York event include the Micom Toaster Oven ET-ZLC3, Zojirushi’s first smart oven for the market in the U.S. Zojirushi also introduced its initial flip-up handle vacuum-insulated mug, while the oven offers 12 functions including an automatic rise-then-bake feature and an interior grand enough for a 12-inch pizza or four pieces of toast.

The Bluetooth and WiFi connected Chef iQ Smart Cooker gets updates from producer Chefman to continually improve its operation. On a different tech note, the Roq Innovations Drip water bottle features an enclosed compartment that houses earbuds and a powerbank station with USB rechargeability.

The Viatek Consumer Products Group Body Dryer is a step on air-blowing system that jets away water post-bathing, particularly useful for those who suffer limited motion.

As wellness is a key, increasingly important issue for consumers, preview participants responded with housewares such as, among other Hamilton-Beach offerings, the AquaFusion Water Filtration system, which adopts a slim profile that won’t overwhelm a countertop and allows for flavor infusion.

The Blix Smart Food Maker combines a machine with single-serve cups of partially prepared smoothies, soups, spreads and related foods that consumers can customize by finishing off with the liquid element that suits them.

Products that combine wellness and portability attributes include the Crane USA cordless warm and cool mist inhaler, a product that can help relieve respiratory symptoms from the home to the office to any seat on an airplane.

The Grosche International Chicago Travel Infuser Bottle with removable tea and fruit strainer allows consumers to get a grip on healthy drinks to go with an easily gripped matte finish.

The hand-operated DKB Household USA Zyliss SpiraSlice makes veggie and fruit pasta in three forms, sheets, tagliatelle and spaghetti. The Typhoon Homewares Kilner brand All in One Food To Go Set comes with a spork and tops off with a silicone garnish pot with a stopper that separates sauces from the ingredients below but, when unstopped, funnels hot water or other liquids over the contents so consumers can tote and prepare their own meals.

The GoodCook Touch Digital Folding Thermometer is an NSF-certified LED-display tool that allows consumers to check internal food temperatures indoors and outdoors in five seconds.

The Storemaxx Hot Box, under the company’s Snap Pak brand, heats food via a non-electric system stacked under the main compartment that mixes three ounces of water and a Therma Pack unit for the warm up.

Non-slip rubber grips are among the features that make the Dexas Composite

Cutting Boards convenient to use, but they also feature styling at sharp prices. Piknik is an insulated, leak-proof stainless steel bowl-shaped hot and cold food container that has a natural cotton carrying bag available for convenience. The Revive Vacuum Insulated Tumbler by Host, from True Brands, is a double-walled wine vessel that has flattened sides to make it easier to grasp than all-rounded designs.

Portable and convenient, the Dbest Products Stair Climber Laundry Dolly simplifies bringing up the wash or conveying other heavy household objects. The Chi Handheld Steamer is designed for travel, although it can be used anywhere, with its lightweight design and ability to freshen multiple garments in one shot. The Madesmart two-tier organizer gives users the convenience of drawer-style access to small items in, for example, under-cabinets where they otherwise might scatter about.

A Market Solutions Group product, the Zavor Black LUX LCD MultiCooker functions as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker and yogurt maker, among other things and has 10 cooking functions as well as a Flex function that allows it to work as a stock pot or for sous vide.

The Mealthy CrispLid offers five settings so consumers can convert their 6- or 8-quart pressure cookers into effective air fryers and dehydrators, with accessories such as tongs and a recipe book included.

The Robinson Home Products CraftKitchen ExactEdge Knife Block incorporates a sharpening system for convenience and safety. From The Cookware Company, GreenPan Levels is a Diamond Advance, ceramic non-stick stacking cookware set designed to be 30% smaller than traditional sets to save space in storage.

The Technivorm-Moccamaster USA Cup-One Off White arrives as a pod-free single-serve brewer that produces a 10-ounce cup of coffee in four minutes, the company said.

After developing more traditional vacuums, the Cleva North America Kenmore Floorcare operation has introduced the CSV Go, a featherweight cordless stick vac with two speeds, 21.6 volts of power and a run time up to 40 minutes.

Aacraft’s Cabinet Caddy reduces clutter and saves space by conveniently pulling out from its perpendicular to the back wall position, pivoting and emerging parallel, permitting consumers to access spices and other small items.

The Betty Bossi Filled Meatball Maker is a food gadget that readily rolls out a uniformly round outcome. From Kitchen Concepts Unlimited, Butterie, The Butter Dish Reinvented, lets consumers store their spreadable butter without refrigeration so each stick remains soft and readily available.

Ecological awareness has helped build the demand for reusable straws. The HotSips SingleSips from Brilli Baby is an 8-ounce pre-washed 8-inch hot and cold recylable straw. The GoSili SiliStraw Reusable Silicone Straw + Tin is packaged in a container so consumers can take the sipper anywhere.

Still, sustainability isn’t limited to straw consciousness. The Method Sourcing Corp. Astrik Dry Food Storage Set offers stackable, microwavable and dishwasher safe dry storage products that biodegrade, for example.

Some preview items were extensions or updates on existing product lines. The Kikuichi New York Ginsan Sanmai has a three-layered thin blade with a Ginsan Silver 3 core, in addition to a water buffalo and walnut handle.

Lifetime Brand’s Chef’n Glass Mandoline Slicer lets the user see what they’re preparing as they cut, getting the job done with three blades, straight, julienne and crinkle cut, and a hand guard.

The construction of the Winnington Metal & Plastic Manufacturing Co. non-stick Artisan Muffin Pan 12-Cup makes for even baking and browning.

The Emile Henry USA Ciabatta Baker, made from French stoneware, traps steam under the lid to ensure fully expanded rolls with flaky crusts.