Lifetime Brands Preps Cutlery For Holiday Gift Giving Season

WESTBURY, NY— Lifetime Brands is capitalizing on the appeal of cutlery for the holiday gifting season with new cutlery launches. The company will be rolling out new knife designs in the fourth quarter featuring its Edgekeeper self-sharpening and dishwasher-safe technologies under the Farberware and Sabatier brands.

“Gift giving and building on gifting sets with our retail partners is one of our directions for 2017 and 2018. It is something that we do see as a trend and are trying to present that with retailers to give them gift options,” said Stephen Spitz, cutlery division president, Lifetime Brands.

He noted that with more consumers interested in giving functional and practical gifts, cutlery has been a popular choice. Spitz said that Lifetime will also be offering steak knife and cheese knife sets in the quarter and has extended its Edgekeeper products from open stock and sets to boards, shears, as well as an electric knife sharpener, a new product direction for Lifetime.

“We felt moving in this direction would be beneficial in many cases.  The majority of competitors in the electric sharpener category are not necessarily brands that consumers are seeing hanging on the walls with cutlery at retail. Many are solely manufacturers of electric sharpeners. We felt that as a leading cutlery brand, by offering retailers an electric sharpening option we have a competitive edge to stand out with buyers,” he said.

Spitz said this strategy also gives Lifetime another advantage with buyers. Many retailers, he stated, are streamlining the number of vendors they are buying from so by offering them a more robust cutlery selection, Lifetime feels this will give the company an edge.

The electric Edgekeeper knife sharpener is available in a variety of colors, which Spitz noted is a standout feature among competitors. While most stick with conservative colors such as black or white, Spitz said that the Edgekeeper electric knife sharpeners are scheduled to ship in November in metallic gray, metallic red and traditional black.

Lifetime will also start to roll out its dishwasher-safe cutlery in September. The cutlery, first launched earlier this year, was initially available at Walmart and is now rolling out to major retailers in time for the holiday season.

Looking ahead, Spitz said the company is also focusing on fashion-savvy options for its kitchen shears with Edgekeeper technology.

“We see this as a fashion opportunity to freshen up another tried-and-true category that has not had much of a fashion focus,” he said.