Little Griddle Innovations Begins Kickstarter Campaign

Little Griddle Innovations has started a Kickstarter campaign in order to get funding for its new ceramic line of indoor and outdoor frying pans and griddles. 

Made from cast aluminum, the Little Griddle line features a 12-inch skillet, a backwall griddle and a double-burner griddle. The line will be available in five colors: carbon gray, ghost chili, backyard pool, clementine and sugar plum.

The company currently has working prototypes of the cookware, however, it has not yet begun production. Little Griddle Innovations is looking to place its first production order after the conclusion of the Kickstarter campaign and have the first shipment ready by January 2016.

The goal for the Kickstarter campaign is to raise $20,000, the company said. Little Griddle has also developed the GrillTimer watch, which was also funded through Kickstarter, in June 2015.