Lodge, Vital Farms Team Up For Instagram Contest

Lodge has teamed up with Vital Farms, a company that distributes pasture eggs across the U.S., for an Instagram contest to promote its cast iron cookware. 

Running until August 30, Instagrammers can enter the contest by taking a photo of pasture-raised eggs in a Lodge skillet pan, uploading it to the social media site and then tag both @Lodgecastiron and @Vitalfarms. The winner of the contest will be awarded two 12-inch Lodge cast iron skillets and 10 dozen pasture-raised eggs. 

Vital Farms’ core mission is to bring ethically and sustainably produced food to the table by coordinating a collection of family farms to operate with a well defined set of organic agricultural practices that includes the humane treatment of farm animals as a central tenet, according to the company.