Lori’s Kitchen Store Helps Shift State Fees

As the independent gourmet housewares market has been getting creative during the COVID-19 pandemic, Lori Peifer, owner of Lori’s Kitchen Store in Washington, IL, has taken it to another level. The gourmet housewares store owner took on the state to get her liquor license renewed at no cost to her, effectively helping 18 other area businesses in the process.

According to local media outlet Journal Star, Peifer requested the $350 fee be waived for her liquor license, which allows people to bring their own beer and wine to her cooking classes. Because of COVID-19 restrictions, her license was not utilized and, therefore, she asked to have the fee for the year waived.

Her request was honored by a city council decision to waive the fees for the 2021-22 fiscal year.

“It’s wonderful to see the city stand behind me, take that expense off my plate,” she told the media outlet. “What they’re doing is really an investment in those of us who have these liquor licenses. Nobody wants to see a business close.”