Lowe’s Adds Iris Home Automation Products

Lowe’s has introduced new products for its Iris smart home automation platform. The lineup of connected devices now includes a smart garage door controller, electronic pet door, window blinds controller and hose faucet timer, which are aimed at cutting energy costs, reducing water usage and keeping the home secure.

A Z-Wave garage door opener remote command controller with tilt sensor controls the garage door from a smartphone while on the go; a PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor monitors and controls access for pets with a customizable schedule; an Iris motorized window blinds controller remotely controls and schedules blinds for privacy or comfort; and an Orbit hose faucet water timer installs on a hose faucet and allows consumers to remotely turn the hose on/off or schedule watering.

The additional products join the 50 existing devices currently available for Iris, including security cameras, smoke detectors, water leak detectors and more.